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How is cost calculated?

You’re billed only when a GPU is computing your request


GPU active

  1. 1. API request sent
  2. 2. GPU starts processing request
  3. 3. GPU compute ends
  4. 4. API sends result

Example compute cost per model

Here are real-world examples of how much running a model will cost
ModelEstimated cost
$0.0222/ 1K tokens(~40s of compute)
GPT-2 Large
$0.0167/ 1K tokens(~30s of compute)
GPT-Neo 2.7B
$0.0267/ 1K tokens(~48s of compute)
$0.0083/ 9 images(~15s of compute)
$0.0133/ 9 images(~24s of compute)

Frequently asked questions

A pipeline surrounds a model with inference logic so that your user's inputs and the model's raw outputs can be processed to produce the desired output. For example, the GPT-J pipeline adds input arguments and logit sampling techniques to the underlying GPT-J model within it.
That depends on your task, but for text generation our best pipeline is GPT-J, and for image generation our best pipeline is DALL·E Mega. You can experiment with all our other pipelines too, or ask us for advice on which one to use.
Yes! We can deploy custom models and create a private endpoint so you can run on our serverless hardware. This functionality isn't yet available over the API, so send us a message and we'll discuss your needs and how we can serve them.
It's rare that you'll experience changing inference times as long as your requests are identical. However this can happen on occasion when our proprietary task distribution software decides to route your task to different GPUs. We are always improving these algorithms.
Until bandwidth across PCIE into the GPU is instantaneous, all ML compute providers will be troubled by the cold-start issue where models first require loading before inference can be served. With our custom distribution software we have minimised the impact of these, and you will never be charged for model loading time.
ML models only deal with numbers, not words. So to convert a word to a number, you need to break it down into tokens. Different tokenizers use different strategies, but a token roughly corresponds to five characters of text content in our pipelines.

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