Enterprise-grade platform to deploy machine learning

Enterprise-grade platform to deploy machine learning

Deploy ML pipelines anywhere with speed, high-throughput, and consistent performance across GPUs and CPUs on your preferred compute environment.

Designed after millions of ML inferences

Powering our serverless API

Pipeline Core is the platform that manages our serverless GPU API running on our own on-premises data centre.

Key Features

Production engineering for your Data Science team

Empower data-scientists with a fast, scalable and easy platform to manage ML pipelines in production.

Package your Existing Code

Freedom to define your Python pipelines

Open-source Python SDK for building flexible Machine Learning pipelines and simplifying code packaging. Our library-agnostic solution enables full integration with your favourite tools.

Securely in your Infrastructure

Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises, deploy and scale anywhere

Seamless capabilities across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. Pipeline Core supports your preferred infrastructure, ensuring performance, dynamic scalability and control of your deployments on CPU and GPUs.

No Engineering Overheads

A DevOps team within a few commands

Experience the power of an entire DevOps team at your fingertips with Pipeline Core.

Our API-centric design ensures complete transparency and control. Effortlessly adjust configurations as needed and streamline your engineering workflow.

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